The Hoenn Pokédex is the regional Pokédex of the Hoenn Region. Hoenn Pokédex is feature in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, and Emerald Versions.

List of PokémonEdit

English Icon Type
Treecko 252 Treecko Icon Grass
Grovyle 253 Grovyle Icon Grass
Sceptile 254 Sceptile Icon Grass
Torchic 255 Torchic Icon Fire
Combusken 256 Combusken Icon Fire Fighting
Blaziken 257 Blaziken Icon Fire Fighting
Mudkip 258 Mudkip Icon Water
Marshtomp 259 Marshtomp Icon Water Ground
Swampert 260 Swampert Icon Water Ground
Poochyena 261 Poochyena Icon Dark
Mightyena 262 Mightyena Icon Dark
Zigzagoon 263 Zigzagoon Icon Normal
Linoone 264 Linoone Icon Normal
Wurmple 265 Wurmple Icon Bug
Silcoon 266 Silcoon Icon Bug
Beautifly 267 Beautifly Icon Bug Flying
Cascoon 268 Cascoon Icon Bug
Dustox 269 Dustox Icon Bug Poison
Lotad 270 Lotad Icon Water Grass
Lombre 271 Lombre Icon Water Grass
Ludicolo 272 Ludicolo Icon Water Grass
Seedot 273 Seedot Icon Grass
Nuzleaf 274 Nuzleaf Icon Grass Dark
Shiftry 275 Shiftry Icon Grass Dark
Taillow 276 Taillow Icon Normal Flying
Swellow 277 Swellow Icon Normal Flying
Wingull 278 Wingull Icon Water Flying
Pelipper 279 Pelipper Icon Water Flying
Ralts 280 Ralts Icon Psychic Fairy
Kirlia 281 Kirlia Icon Psychic Fairy
Gardevoir 282 Gardevoir Icon Psychic Fairy
Surskit 283 Surskit Icon Bug Water
Masquerain 284 Masquerain Icon Bug Flying
Shroomish 285 Shroomish Icon Grass
Breloom 286 Breloom Icon Grass Fighting
Slakoth 287 Slakoth Icon Normal
Vigoroth 288 Vigoroth Icon Normal
Slaking 289 Slaking Icon Normal
Abra 063 Abra Icon Psychic
Kadabra 064 Kadabra Icon Psychic
Alakazam 065 Alakazam Icon Psychic
Nincada 290 Nincada Icon Bug Ground
Ninjask 291 Ninjask Icon Bug Flying
Shedinja 292 Shedinja Icon Bug Ghost
Whismur 293 Whismur Icon Normal
Loudred 294 Loudred Icon Normal
Exploud 295 Exploud Icon Normal
Makuhita 296 Makuhita Icon Fighting
Hariyama 297 Hariyama Icon Fighting
Goldeen 118 Goldeen Icon Water
Seaking 119 Seaking Icon Water
Magikarp 129 Magikarp Icon Water
Gyarados 130 Gyarados Icon Water Flying
Azurill 298 Azurill Icon Normal Fairy
Marill 183 Marill Icon Water Fairy
Azumarill 184 Azumarill Icon Water Fairy
Geodude 074 Geodude Icon Rock Ground
Graveler 075 Graveler Icon Rock Ground
Golem 076 Golem Icon Rock Ground
Nosepass 299 Nosepass Icon Rock
Skitty 300 Skitty Icon Normal
Delcatty 301 Delcatty Icon Normal
Zubat 041 Zubat Icon Poison Flying
Golbat 042 Golbat Icon Poison Flying
Crobat 169 Crobat Icon Poison Flying
Tentacool 072 Tentacool Icon Water Poison
Tentacruel 073 Tentacruel Icon Water Poison
Sableye 302 Sableye Icon Dark Ghost
Mawile 303 Mawile Icon Steel Fairy
Aron 304 Aron Icon Steel Rock
Lairon 305 Lairon Icon Steel Rock
Aggron 306 Aggron Icon Steel Rock
Meditite 307 Meditite Icon Fighting Psychic
Medicham 308 Medicham Icon Fighting Psychic
Machop 066 Machop Icon Fighting
Machoke 067 Machoke Icon Fighting
Machamp 068 Machamp Icon Fighting
Electrike 309 Electrike Icon Electric
Manectric 310 Manectric Icon Electric
Plusle 311 Plusle Icon Electric
Minun 312 Minun Icon Electric
Magnemite 081 Magnemite Icon Electric Steel
Magneton 082 Magneton Icon Electric Steel
Voltorb 100 Voltorb Icon Electric
Electrode 101 Electrode Icon Electric
Volbeat 313 Volbeat Icon Bug
Illumise 314 Illumise Icon Bug
Oddish 043 Oddish Icon Grass Poison
Gloom 044 Gloom Icon Grass Poison
Vileplume 045 Vileplume Icon Grass Poison
Bellossom 182 Bellossom Icon Grass
Doduo 084 Doduo Icon Normal Flying
Dodrio 085 Dodrio Icon Normal Flying
Roselia 315 Roselia Icon Grass Poison
Gulpin 316 Gulpin Icon Poison
Swalot 317 Swalot Icon Poison
Carvanha 318 Carvanha Icon Water Dark
Sharpedo 319 Sharpedo Icon Water Dark
Wailmer 320 Wailmer Icon Water
Wailord 321 Wailord Icon Water
Numel 322 Numel Icon Fire Ground
Camerupt 323 Camerupt Icon Fire Ground
Slugma 218 Slugma Icon Fire
Magcargo 219 Magcargo Icon Fire Rock
Grimer 088 Grimer Icon Poison
Muk 089 Muk Icon Poison
Koffing 109 Koffing Icon Poison
Weezing 110 Weezing Icon Poison
Torkoal 324 Torkoal Icon Fire
Spoink 325 Spoink Icon Psychic
Grumpig 326 Grumpig Icon Psychic
Sandshrew 027 Sandshrew Icon Ground
Sandslash 028 Sandslash Icon Ground
Spinda 327 Spinda Icon Normal
Skarmory 227 Skarmory Icon Steel Flying
Trapinch 328 Trapinch Icon Ground
Vibrava 329 Vibrava Icon Ground Dragon
Flygon 330 Flygon Icon Ground Dragon
Cacnea 331 Cacnea Icon Grass
Cacturne 332 Cacturne Icon Grass Dark
Swablu 333 Swablu Icon Normal Flying
Altaria 334 Altaria Icon Dragon Flying
Zangoose 335 Zangoose Icon Normal
Seviper 336 Seviper Icon Poison
Lunatone 337 Lunatone Icon Rock Psychic
Solrock 338 Solrock Icon Rock Psychic
Barboach 339 Barboach Icon Water Ground
Whiscash 340 Whiscash Icon Water Ground
Corphish 341 Corphish Icon Water
Crawdaunt 342 Crawdaunt Icon Water Dark
Baltoy 343 Baltoy Icon Ground Psychic
Claydol 344 Claydol Icon Ground Psychic
Lileep 345 Lileep Icon Rock Grass
Cradily 346 Cradily Icon Rock Grass
Anorith 347 Anorith Icon Rock Bug
Armaldo 348 Armaldo Icon Rock Bug
Igglybuff 174 Igglybuff Icon Normal Fairy
Jigglypuff 039 Jigglypuff Icon Normal Fairy
Wigglytuff 040 Wigglytuff Icon Normal Fairy
Feebas 349 Feebas Icon Water
Milotic 350 Milotic Icon Water
Castform File:351 Castform Normal Form Icon.png Normal
351 Castform Sunny Form Icon Fire
351 Castform Rainy Form Icon Water
351 Castform Snowy Form Icon Ice
Staryu 120 Staryu Icon Water
Starmie 121 Starmie Icon Water Psychic
Kecleon 352 Kecleon Icon Normal
Shuppet 353 Shuppet Icon Ghost
Banette 354 Banette Icon Ghost
Duskull 355 Duskull Icon Ghost
Dusclops 356 Dusclops Icon Ghost
Tropius 357 Tropius Icon Grass Flying
Chimecho 358 Chimecho Icon Psychic
Absol 359 Absol Icon Dark
Vulpix 037 Vulpix Icon Fire
Ninetales 038 Ninetales Icon Fire
Pichu 172 Pichu Icon Electric
Pikachu 025 Pikachu Icon Electric
Raichu 026 Raichu Icon Electric
Psyduck 054 Psyduck Icon Water
Golduck 055 Golduck Icon Water
Wynaut 360 Wynaut Icon Psychic
Wobbuffet 202 Wobbuffet Icon Psychic
Natu 177 Natu Icon Psychic Flying
Xatu 178 Xatu Icon Psychic Flying
Girafarig 203 Girafarig Icon Normal Psychic
Phanpy 231 Phanpy Icon Ground
Donphan 232 Donphan Icon Ground
Pinsir 127 Pinsir Icon Bug
Heracross 214 Heracross Icon Bug Fighting
Rhyhorn 111 Rhyhorn Icon Ground Rock
Rhydon 112 Rhydon Icon Ground Rock
Snorunt 361 Snorunt Icon Ice
Glalie 362 Glalie Icon Ice
Spheal 363 Spheal Icon Ice Water
Sealeo 364 Sealeo Icon Ice Water
Walrein 365 Walrein Icon Ice Water
Clamperl 366 Clamperl Icon Water
Huntail 367 Huntail Icon Water
Gorebyss 368 Gorebyss Icon Water
Relicanth 369 Relicanth Icon Water Rock
Corsola 222 Corsola Icon Water Rock
Chinchou 170 Chinchou Icon Water Electric
Lanturn 171 Lanturn Icon Water Electric
Luvdisc 370 Luvdisc Icon Water
Horsea 116 Horsea Icon Water
Seadra 117 Seadra Icon Water
Kingdra 230 Kingdra Icon Water Dragon
Bagon 371 Bagon Icon Dragon
Shelgon 372 Shelgon Icon Dragon
Salamence 373 Salamence Icon Dragon Flying
Beldum 374 Beldum Icon Steel Psychic
Metang 375 Metang Icon Steel Psychic
Metagross 376 Metagross Icon Steel Psychic
Regirock 377 Regirock Icon Rock
Regice 378 Regice Icon Ice
Registeel 379 Registeel Icon Steel
Latias 380 Latias Icon Dragon Psychic
Latios 381 Latios Icon Dragon Psychic
Kyogre 382 Kyogre Icon Water
Groudon 383 Groudon Icon Ground
Rayquaza 384 Rayquaza Icon Dragon Flying
Jirachi 385 Jirachi Icon Steel Psychic
Deoxys 386 Deoxys Normal Forme Icon Psychic
386 Deoxys Attack Forme Icon Psychic
386 Deoxys Defense Forme Icon Psychic
386 Deoxys Speed Forme Icon Psychic